Inforum 2012

INFORUM 2012: 18th Annual Conference on Professional Information Resources, Prague 

Inforum 2012When: May 22-24, 2012
Where: University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic
Organizer: Albertina icome Praha, University of Economics

INFORUM is the annual conference for information specialists from academic, public and special libraries, corporate sector and government agencies.
For example information specialists Barbara Buckley Owen and Tim Buckley Owen (UK) and Greg R. Notess from Montana State University Library (USA) are guest speakers this year. The entire programme is bilingual (English-Czech). Don't miss spring in Prague and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from the European continent.

Digital Mark on a PDF Document

Having in mind continuous improvement of our DMS system to be more and more user friendly for our customers, we have implemented Digital Signature (or, Digital Mark) feature that can be used during electronic documents processing.

INSOURCE 2008 - lecture on the SAFE DMS system

AiP Safe company attended the INSOURCE 2008 conference. Ing. Mottl spoke about longterm preservation of information in the SAFE system and its further use within organization infrustructure.

AiP Safe - přednáška Ing. Mottla na konferenci INSOURCE 2008 Stánek AiP Safe na konferenci INSOURCE 2008



First volume of INSOURCE conference takes place at 5.-6. of February 2008 in Prague. Themes of the conference deal with use of electronic information resources in the areas of marketing, business, knowledge management and competitive intelligence.

New Logo and Visual Corporate Style

Since the 1st of September our company has been using brand new logo and visual corporate style. The new logo keeps the wave motive which has been going along with our company since its foundation in 1999. The shape symbolizes dynamic and flexible company as well as fluent flow of documents as an implication of our solutions in our customer's companies. Blue colour henceforward stands out in our logo symbolizing reliableness and is complemented with orange colour as a symbol of energy.

New Website

Along with changes in our visual corporate identity we have also set up brand new web pages where you can find up to date information about our DMS / ECM solutions and products.

For more information, please, see sections For Corporate, For Public Sector a Products