Digital Archive and Workflow

Digital archive and workflow - Aip SafeOur solutions will help you with effective administration of digital documents. The AiP Safe solutions optimize the circulation of documents in organization. Documents and information are safely stored and readily accessible.

What tasks can be handled by using our document management solutions?

Our solution can be used in various areas of administration work individually, or they can be integrated into more complex systems:

Contracts Aip SafeContracts

The solution covers the administration of contracts across the whole documents life-cycle according to internal processes that are set up in the respective organization.

Invoices  Aip SafeInvoices

The solution handles administration of invoices and control of their approval process. It allows further processing of invoices according to the procedures in the organization.

Incoming and Sent Mail - Aip SafeIncoming and Sent Mail

By using this solution, incoming mail is entered into the system and can be distributed for handling. Workflow tools can be used for automation that procedure. Also sent mail can be registered in the system. That is why all mail can be handled centrally and user friendly.

Operational Documents - Aip SafeOperational Documents

The solution is designed for handling administration of operational documents (standards, guidelines, instructions etc.) created on the basis of internal or external directions. It allows control of validity of the respective documents, handling their revisions and easy access to them.

Contacs  - Aip SafeContacs

All contact information about internal as well as external subjects can be handled by using the solution. It allows creating relationships between subjects and can reflect also organizational structures. Data saved in the system can be integrated with other document management solutions where the respective data are used.

Projects Aip SafeProjects

The Project Office solution is a very useful tool for project managers as well as others involved in project management. The solution allows administration of all personal information, activities, tasks, deadlines and documents related to the respective project.

Helpdesk - Aip SafeHelpdesk

The Helpdesk application enlarges Project Office solution. It allows handling all communication between supplier and customer in the maintenance phase of the project.

E-mails - Aip SafeE-mails

The e-mails imported from an MS Exchange server or by using the POP3 protocol are saved (entered) in the system and can be further processed in various ways.

Meeting Minutes - Aip SafeMeeting Minutes

The solution serves as a very useful tool for handling meetings and creating meeting minutes. It has features for creating tasks assigned during the meeting and administration of all related documents.



Customized Solutions - Aip SafeCustomized Solutions

Mostly, customers want to customize delivered document management solutions according to their special needs. We are ready to customize the solutions in that way. We develop completely original solutions according special needs of a customer.

Eight Reasons for Choosing Our Solutions

  • Effective and centralized administration of documents in digital form
  • Save long-term saving of documents (Digital Archive)
  • Automation administration processes where documents are used
  • Unification of documents processing in various administrative areas
  • Fast finding out the respective document
  • Documents administration throughout the organization
  • Possibility of integration of the AiP Safe solutions
  • Openness for integration with third party systems