Filing Documents, Workflow, Records Management

Public sector - Aip Safe



We help organizations that are active in public

sector with effective handling of their administrative

tasks. By using workflow tools, we provide solutions

that make needed information readily available to respective decision makers.

How Can Our Solutions Be Helpful To You?

Our solutions can be used either separately or more together in more complex integrated systems. You can use them for handling information and documents in the following administrative areas:

Filing of Proceedings - Aip SafeFiling of Proceedings

Proceedings of various Councils and Bodies of Representatives are created by complex of administrative processes where suggestions, agendas and assigned tasks are handled. Therefore, we have prepared the solution for automation those processes and remove unnecessary burden of manual processing.

Complaints - Aip SafeComplaints

The solution can be used in addition to standard applications prepared for Public Administration area. It allows easy and effective filing of complaints and supports their handling.

Meeting Minutes - Aip SafeMeeting Minutes

The solution serves as a very useful tool for handling meetings and creating meeting minutes. It has features for creating tasks assigned during the meeting and administration of all related documents.

Contracts - Aip SafeContracts

The solution covers the administration of contracts across the whole documents life-cycle according to internal processes that are set up in the respective organization.

Records Mangement - Aip SafeRecords Management

The Electronic Records Management solution is intended for filing documents that are processed in the respective organization and for keeping their quantity on optimal level. The solution covers the whole process of handling the document from its entry into the organization to its long-term saving in the Document management system (DMS), or it discharging in harmony with the legal requirement for processing official documents.

Public contracts - Aip SafePublic Contracts

Public contracts are handled within the frame of complex system of administrative processes within an organization where high level of formal accuracy is required. The solution makes handling of public contracts more easy and effective. If it is suitable, the solution can be integrated with other SAFE solutions developed for related administrative areas.

Facility Administration - Aip SafeFacility Administration

The SAFE Facility Administration provides smart and modern way of integration various data related to administration of a facility and make it available to users in clear and up-to-date views.

Contacts - Aip SafeContacts

All contact information about internal as well as external subjects can be handled by using the solution. It allows creating relationships between subjects and can reflect also organizational structures. Data saved in the system can be integrated with other document management solutions where the respective data are used.

Customized Solutions - Aip SafeCustomized Solutions

Mostly, customers want to customize delivered document management solutions according to their special needs. We are ready to customize the solutions in that way. We develop completely original solutions according special needs of a customer.


Eight Reasons for Choosing Our Solutions

  • Support and speeding up of decision making
  • Centralized administration of documents
  • Simplification of handling complex administrative processes
  • Information processing providing accurate and unambiguous information
  • Relevant documents readily available
  • Save time and money by avoiding necessity of handling printed paper documents
  • Obtain information in its context
  • Clear declaration of responsibility (handling documents, decision making, etc.)