About AiP Safe

About Us - AiP SafeWe are helping organizations with long-term safe documents filing (DMS ECM) and overseeing their circulation throughout the organization. With this

IT solutions backing, our customers can focus

on their business goals.

Who We Are

We are a Czech company focusing on developing solutions and products for managing documents and their circulation. We are active both in the DMS (Document Management System), as well as in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) areas. In the ECM area, we develop integrated complex solutions for centralized document management throughout the whole organization.

Our Competence

By implementation of dozens solutions for the large range of our customers, our company has acquired rich experience in the fields DMS and ECM. Our customers are involved in state or public administration, banking, industry, or business. Our solutions helped our customers to reach significant improvements in document management and the respective administration processes (workflow) as well as significant financial savings.

Our Employees

Our employees are experienced specialists and are ready to find out an effective solution of your needs. Continuous education and improving of professional skills are our priorities. In our company, we prefer and support creative and initiative approach.