LTP Metadata Mining | 23.5.2016

The LTP (Long term preservation) management can be difficult especially when working with metadata. The typical problem is the absence of effective search tool. This can decrease quality of processes designed for long-term protection. 

How to solve this problem and more information about this topic, please visit LTP Mining.

SAFE is communicating with Standard no. 30 | 1.8.2015

Full operation of automatic data exchange between financial institutions and executors according to Standard no. 30 (Electronic execution order according to law no. 120/2001 Coll.) has been started up.

Footbal Association of the Czech Republic uses SAFE for managing licence document | 15.7.2015

We've developed solution for confidential, simply and efficient managing of licences for football clubs of first and second league.

SAFE is ready to communicate with Standard no. 17 | 9.7.2015

System SAFE is prepared on automatic electronic data exchange for executors and financial institutions cooperation accordning to Standard no. 17 – Racionalization of data exchange with authorized members according to law no. 21/1992 Coll. about banks (§38).

Automatic or semi-automatic processing of data messages from data box system with call of cooperation is using by 5 out of our customers, for example Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna zaměstnanců bank, pojišťoven a stavebnictví (Health insurance company of employees from banks, insurance companies and building companies) a  Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny, a.s. (Building Savings Bank of Czech Savings Bank).

Our head of the development section introduced technological news for 2015 | 1.7.2015

New version of document mangement system SAFE will contain radical changes in grafical user interface. It enables fast implementation of features and native support of displaying in various resolultions – on mobile phones, big monitores. We also have finished implementation of automatic tests. It means calm sleep for us and our customers.

We passed audit ISO 9001:2008 – quality management system | 3.6.2015

We succesfully passed control audit of quality management system ISO 9001:2008. Certification was to AiP Safe s.r.o. prolonged until the 15. 5. 2016. AiP Safe s.r.o. is certificated for:

  • Design, development, maintanance, installation, implementation and selling of software.
  • Analytic, consulting, implementation, information, training and developing services on information technology market.

Our customer's name changed - CETELEM ČR, a.s. has changed into BNP PARIBAS PERSONAL FINANCE SA, branch company | 1.6.2015

The brand name CETELEM has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. Since 1996 untill april 2015 the brand was used by corporation CETELEM ČR, a.s., 100 % subsidiary company of french bank BNP Paribas Personal Finance SA. CETELEM ČR, a.s. was a strong and stable leading company on market of nonbank loan providers. On June 2015 came to joining with its controlling company, what enables providing products of CETELEM under bank licence."

System SAFE is still full operating and is adapting to new requirements, which imply from this change, to be still reliable.

The programmer yacht trip along the Adriatic Sea | 21.5.2015

The six programmers led by the head of the development and sea captain Honza Vomlel set the adventure into Croation waters of the Adriatic Sea. During the six days the fearless crew of a sailboat Tara sailed 204.7 nautical miles. The whole crew came back in good health.


Datové schránky a okolní informační systémy
Datové schránky a okolní informační systémy

We enlarged our product range by SAFECUBE – complex and simple solution for document management | 27.4.2015

SAFECUBE will satisfy all needs of less exacting customer. Package consists of compact server HP ProLiant Microserver, operation system, database and document system SAFE for administration, approving and saving several types of documents.

We have finished preparation for ISO 16363 internal audit for storage SAFE LTP operating in National Digital Library | 16.3.2015

Project "Certification of subsystem LTP in National Digital Library" is going on succesfully. AiP Safe in conjuction with NDL employees prepared neccessary documents for certification of long term preservation and trustworthy repository (SAFE LTP) of National Digital Library according to ISO 16363 – Audit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories. Now everything is prepared for performing internal audit and following independent certification.